Letter to the Editor: Make America Great Again?

Our current president claimed he would make America great again. He has lied more than anyone who ever ran for office dating way back to when he claimed to have proof that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Apparently that may be why so many of his cabinet appointed people and his chief security officer (Flynn) and attorney general (Sessions) felt it was OK to lie. Four other cabinet heads were known to have lied under oath but the Republican majority still elected them to office.

Now the president claims a huge lie about his private golden tower being wiretapped but he has no proof and just wants to move attention away from all the Russia-Trump associates’ investigation. He lived high up in his tower, flew around in his expensive private plane and claimed to be filthy rich. How can the common American feel he has any empathy for those less fortunate than him? He does not know how to govern and claimed that he never reads. He has no idea what is in the American Constitution!

If making America great again is overturning environmental laws to protect our water and air (which has happened), repealing the Affordable Care Act that helped many people get medical insurance and rescinding a law that President Obama put in place preventing those severely mentally ill from buying guns he has a very warped idea of what great is!


Charlotte Lukes

Egg Harbor, Wis.



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