Letter to the Editor: Marxist Methodology

The fundamental law of Marxism is that the “state” gathers the wealth of a country and redistributes it to what Valdimir Lenin called the masses. Socialist, Communistic and Fascist governments all use the gathering of the wealth and redistributing of the same to the benefit of their country’s citizens. All Scandinavian countries, which are judged the best run in the world, and all industrialized nations use a modified Marxist/Engels doctrine to provide their citizens with health, dental, eye care and elder care, along with free medications; even ambulance rides are paid by the government.

The Presidency of Donald Trump and our Republican-dominated congress have instituted the Marxist methodology of running our country with one major difference – our government gathers up our tax dollars and feeds it to the top ten percent of the wealthiest people in America – included in that ten percent are the five uber rich Americans who are the wealthiest people in the world.

Seventy percent of all Americans surveyed want Medicare for all. Eighty-five percent of Democrats want Medicare for all. Fifty-two percent of Republicans want Medicare for all. So why don’t we have single-payer for all? Simply put, the GOP and the millionaires and billionaires who support the Republican party don’t want the masses to have it.

In a recent article in USA Today President Trump damned Medicare for all as “radical socialism.” Yes, Mr. President, it is socialistic in nature, but nowhere near as radical as the GOP’s socialism of funding the wealthy of our country with the tax dollars of 90 percent of Americans.


Ed Hodges

Washington Island, Wis.

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