Letter to the Editor: Maybe Publish a List of Business-License Shirkers to Increase Compliance with Town Ordinance

Regarding the Peninsula Pulse article in the July 15-22 issue citing the lack of compliance with the Gibraltar ordinance covering annual business or STR licensing [“Town Gets Tough on Noncompliant Businesses and STRs], certainly some of those failing to comply have perfectly legitimate reasons for doing so. 

But the theater to which federal, state and local government has devolved clearly indicates that there is a segment of our population that feels that it is exempt from the laws, regulations, ordinances, subpoenas, etc. that the rest of the population conforms to. Perhaps it would be beneficial to publish a list of shirkers (but not those with legitimate reasons for not conforming) so that law-abiding citizens could make informed decisions as to which establishments they will take their business to.

Mark Polczynski

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin