Letter to the Editor: Mike Bloomberg for President in 2020

It has been a discouraging week for those of us who want to defeat Donald Trump next November. Republican senators capitulated into denial, rationalization and fear during the impeachment trial. The Iowa results disappointed because the front runners cannot appeal to the general electorate, and the moderate candidates do not have the street-fighter mentality needed to fight Trump. What to do?

Well, how about Mike Bloomberg? He has been a Democrat, Republican, businessman, climate-change advocate, sensible gun-control advocate, free-trade advocate, pro-choice advocate, law-and-order candidate, sensible education-reform advocate, immigration-reform advocate and supporter of low taxes. I think he just might appeal to both conservatives and liberals. More importantly, he is not afraid to act and try things, while being willing to admit mistakes.

Mike Bloomberg started a very successful company making computer platforms to help businesses get data to make good decisions. His business was amazingly successful, making him one of the most wealthy men in the world. He was a three-term mayor of New York City, where he raised teachers’ salaries, cut crime rates, raised graduation rates and promoted policies that cut NYC pollution.

For those of us who want to defeat this president in November, Mike could do it. He is not afraid of Donald Trump; he is motivated to win and has spent more than $300 million of his own money to prove it; he is both a fiscally conservative businessman and a social liberal; he is pragmatic and not afraid to act – oh, and he really believes in American democracy (imagine that). He can unite us and win the presidency in November.

Patrick Cerra

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin