Letter to the Editor: Miller Art Museum Serves Us Well

One of the reasons I moved to Door County back in the late 1960s was because of the way arts seemed to be woven into the community – something that I had not experienced elsewhere. I have not regretted that move, and, in fact, the rich tapestry of the arts here continues to grow.

When the Miller Art Museum was built, not only did it showcase the work of Gerhard Miller, one of the grand old men of art in the county, but it created a portal, a lens, through which we might see the varied work created here and throughout the region.

Now, I happen to believe that art sometimes exists to comfort the viewer, and I think that is fine, and I, in fact, am comforted. But I also believe that art must exist to challenge and, perhaps, to wrestle our minds out of our comfort zones and into seeing through that lens some work that makes us think hard, makes us laugh, cry and wonder. 

It is in that light that I wish to thank the current staff and volunteers at the Miller for mounting shows that are not always “easy,” but are always, in my experience, rewarding to the viewer who enters with an open mind and heart.

Thank you, for you are truly public servants. You serve us well.

Ralph Murre

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin