Letter to the Editor: Misdirected Anger

In a shot fired in anger, Mayor Bruce Hagen of Superior, Wis. claimed President Obama is a Muslim. He has since recanted, but is sticking to his guns that Obama is destroying “the fabric of democracy” and taking “this country in a total wrong direction.”

President Obama tried to raise the minimum wage for all Americans, tried to raise taxes on and plug the tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy. He also provided Affordable Health Care for all Americans. (All Republican president wannabes have vowed to repeal the health care act, should they take office.) To stop the killing that is happening on the streets of our country, he attempted to ban the sale of military assault rifles and high-capacity ammo clips along with extending background checks on gun show sales.

Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, retired army generals along with a host of Republican stooges keep hammering Obama to put boots on the ground in Syria; an issue the GOP has branded as showing a lack of leadership on Obama’s part.

One hardly sees how Obama’s efforts in providing a livable wage, fixing tax inequities, providing health care and a measure of gun control, as well as keeping us out of another quagmire war like Iraq and Vietnam, as destroying democracy’s fabric.

Presidents do not take our country anywhere. In our republic only congress can pass laws that determine our federal destinies. Congress also allocates funds to run our government, not the President.

It is long overdue that people of the mindset of Mayor Hagen direct their anger over the sorry state of our greed-driven American politics where it belongs – not with President Obama, but with our Republican congress.


Ed Hodges

Appleton, Wis.

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