Letter to the Editor: More Community Togetherness Starts with Smaller Signs

I read with great interest Myles Dannhausen Jr.’s article in the Aug. 26 edition of the Pulse concerning billboard regulations in Door County and breathed a huge sigh of relief in reading that recent clarifications to the existing sign ordinance should prevent new billboards from popping up.

That got me to thinking about all the political signage along Highways 42 and 57. How about a county ordinance reducing the size of political yard signs? To be clear, I strongly believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression; however, the signage along the highway is expanding both in number and square footage. 

I understand, of course, that these signs are placed on private property by residents of Door County and do not fall under our billboard ordinance, but what about one small yard sign, folks, to express your views? One small candidate sign per yard. That’s it.

When visitors make the drive up 42/57, they are traveling to Door County to escape from the political maelstrom. Yet drivers are accosted mile after mile by these huge political “billboards.” And depending on one’s party affiliation, it’s also affecting the overall feeling some folks have about the Door. 

A case in point: While at a restaurant recently, my husband and I overheard a couple commenting on the plethora of huge Trump signs and that they felt great to be vacationing in “Trump County.”  Regardless of one’s political leanings, do we really want visitors to associate our county with a political party? And no, the answer is not to stake out a bevy of large Biden signs. We – as residents of this beautiful county – can express our views and support our candidates, but in a more subtle fashion. Less is more: Less politics and more community togetherness!

Krista Clarke-Brownstein 

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin