Letter to the Editor: More Familiarity Needed with U.S. Constitution

Here’s a suggestion to address the apparent unfamiliarity with the U.S. Constitution by too many Americans: Write to Ron Johnson and Mike Gallagher to ask them to send you their copies because they’re clearly not using them. (I suspect Ron Johnson’s never read his copy, so it should be brand new.) You could then start a study group or even a letter-writing campaign.

If they refuse to send you their copies, you can buy one from the Government Publishing Office’s (GPO) bookstore for $2 per copy, with a minimum of three copies per order.

This is the GPO’s description of the booklet:

“This official publication contains two core American democracy documents: the Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence. It outlines the framework of our national government and unites American citizens. This pocket-sized document can easily be transported as a reminder of how our government is structured and operates. It also defines the ratification and amendment ratification process.”

Happy reading.

Kate Houston

Ephraim, Wisconsin