Letter to the Editor: More Plans for the Granary

Once or twice each month, when in Sturgeon Bay, I use the Oregon Street bridge which gives me an  unobstructed view of the building known to most of us as the “granary.” That provides me license to claim to be an observer which can lead one to develop an opinion on that observation.

I have formed that opinion and have gone one step further to work up a plan for the granary, one that is eminently suited to the city and to the various factions working furiously to knock it down or keep it up or to locate it on site A or B or C or D, that meaning Dyckesville, Wisconsin.

Sturgeon Bay should procure a big barge; no problem in this maritime community. Next, rent a tugboat; easily found at this seaport. Shove that building on to the barge, hook up the tug and tow the granary out to sea.  

To my surprise, an initial poll on this idea suggests that the plan and my opinion be sent along with the barge!

Jerry Gallagher

Green Bay, Wis.