Letter to the Editor: Most People Outgrow Name-Calling

As youngsters most of us called others names or ourselves had a nickname or created one for other people but with the exception of retaining a few respectable nicknames as we matured we began referring to people properly.

Today we have a President who, speaking to crowds many of whom possess his mentality, refer to those persons or institutions who oppose him using unflattering nicknames such as Sleepy or Crazy Joe (Biden), Crooked Hillary, Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren), Low Energy Jeb (Busch), Leakin, Lying or Slimeball James Comey, Little Marco (Rubio), Crazy Bernie, Lying Ted, and the list goes on. Almost daily Trump tweets, makes statements or from nowhere and without consultation suggests policies that lack merit. Perhaps we should feel sorry for Donald Trump, his coddled lifestyle beginning with his fathers money made him the immature braggart that he is but that is not an excuse for him to remain as our President. Many are rushing to impeachment but as some have implied that is not the answer; he has spent almost three years messing up what was once a respectable Republican party so why not let him finish the job and then remove him and his soldiers in 2020.

George Krall

La Crosse, Wisconsin