Letter to the Editor: Much Kindness on a Wet Weekend

My wife Mary Hedblom and I were in Door County for the Saturday, June 16 Peninsula Spring Challenge bike ride.

We’d like to make you aware of a wonderful example of Door County hospitality the day of the ride.

The first four miles, there was no rain. But then there was! We made it 15 miles north of Baileys Harbor in bad rain, on the east side of the peninsula. So much for the forecasted, possible 45-min. “pop up” rain. Ended up being four hours and 3.5 inches of rain. We were soaked to the bone and lightning was striking nearby. Not yet to the first rest stop. About 14 of us pulled off the road and took shelter under a porch of JF Construction Inc. John Fitzgerald pulled up and let us all into his office area and we watched the torrential rains and horrible radar screens and finally all gave up. I think his daughter sold all of her fundraising candy bars.

One of the workers at the office, Dave Tesnow, drove Mary and me to Little Sister Resort, where we had our cabin, but it was on the west side, across the peninsula from our car! Mary showered and got dry clothes on, then Sue Sunstrom of Little Sister Resort drove her back, across the peninsula, to Baileys Harbor to pick up our car, because the only shoes that I had were road bike shoes filled with water. My sneakers, kayaking booties and hiking boots were all in the car.

Mary and I will never forget to kindness shown to us and others by John, and the kindness of Dave and Sue.


Keith G. Berg

Mundelein, Ill.

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