Letter to the Editor: My Suggestions for Alpine Property

I’m sure many of us longtime Door County residents, both summer people and year-rounders, greeted the news of the Alpine sale with mixed feelings and some trepidation. The resort and its owners have been part of our history and some of our wilder childhood memories. The Alpine building and its little cottages named for states are iconic. I hate to envision that lovely wooded hillside behind the resort that looks out across Egg Harbor to Hat Island and Chambers Island covered with condos, but that’s likely to be the property’s future. Perhaps the Village could consider enacting some building restrictions now so that the former Alpine water tower and its surroundings don’t become a Trump Tower.

The Bertschingers have been generous to the Village of Egg Harbor over the years, and the Village has been generous to them. I would like to propose to the family that they consider donating their portion of the sand beach (and its crumbling dock) to the Village in exchange for a nice tax break.

Thank you to the Bertschinger family, the Village of Egg Harbor, and my fellow taxpayers for consideration of these suggestions.


Martha J. Egan

Corrales, N.M.

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