Letter to the Editor: My Voting Priorities

Democratic candidates have taken a page out of Trumps playbook and that is to make yourself look good by tearing others down. Candidates Booker and Harris have criticized Biden on some issues because he is the front runner. I will vote for the candidate that tells us what they are for and following are my priorities. 

1. Affordable Health Care for all including affordable drugs.

2. Using fair tax structures and employment initiatives to rebuild a middle class where a single wage earner in a family has an income sufficient to allow one parent to if they choose to stay home and tend to the children. Many of our social problems stem from a lack of parental guidance.

3. A real effort to stop the erosion of the environment which is our most serious problem. Scientists say that we have just a few years before the situation is irreversible.

4. A bipartisan effort to correct our unfair voting regulations such as gerrymandering brought about by having the party in power draw the voting district boundaries and to get rid of the antiquated electoral college.

5. To pass strict gun control legislation. The argument that guns don’t kill; people do is a cop-out. Look to countries like Australia and recently New Zealand which have been successful and if the misinterpreted second amendment continues to be an excuse throw it out. No one except the military needs an AK-47.

6. Making post high school education affordable and promoting technical and skilled trades education.

George Krall

La Crosse, Wisconsin