Letter to the Editor: Natural Born Citizen


Only an attorney like Ted Cruz can take something so simple and misrepresent it to his advantage.

Princess Grace was a natural born American citizen and married a prince of another country and moved to that country. An American-born American citizen is married to the King of Jordan and moved to Jordan. Assuming that these women never renounced their American citizenship, following Ted Cruz’s self-serving logic, their children are natural born American citizens. If their children are natural born American citizens, so are the next generation of children, and the next generation of children after that, after all they are all born to natural born American citizens (per Cruz). This chain would go on forever. Five generations later one of these descendants could come to the United States, show his/her linage, claim his/her natural born citizen rights, gain entry to the country and be elected president. Where does this chain end? Clearly there is no end.

Look at another example. What if some really crazy natural born American citizen moves to Syria and bears children with one of the leaders of ISIS. Is their child a natural born American citizen as Ted Cruz would assert? What if that child grows up, becomes a murdering terrorist extremist, is arrested by the UN and tried for crimes against humanity at The Hague, Belgium.

Once Cruz’s precedent is established, this terrorist is going to demand to be recognized as a natural born American citizen. Is the US government going to stand idly by and let a foreign entity try him? Our government has a long and proud history of standing by our citizens abroad. Are we going to walk away from that tradition and allow not only this terrorist, but also allow our soldiers and sailors to be executed by foreign governments simply so Ted Cruz can have his day as President of the United States? Please think about that.

How can Ted Cruz, and his supporters put the values and traditions of this country squarely in contradiction of the best interest of this country and of the many American citizens who will serve our country in harm’s way in foreign lands?

Think about the fact that he is running as a Republican. He is not running as a communist or so far out political party. He is running as a Republican, the party which is supposed to be the party holding up American values and America’s strength. Is the Republican Party going to be complicit in this fundamental distortion of our constitution? And the inevitable consequences?


Jim Riead

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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