Letter to the Editor: Noise Pollutes Bay Shore Drive

In my almost 60 years on Bay Shore Drive in Sevastopol, just north of Sturgeon Bay, I have been enduring the increased noise pollution that surrounds my property. 

Whether it be semi trucks carrying large equipment, motorcycles, landscapers or tourists heading up the scenic drive, Bay Shore Drive has become a thoroughfare and a residential headache. What was once a quiet, residential neighborhood is now a main thoroughfare that produces noise for more than 12 hours a day. 

Large trucks should be diverted to the highway, and residents need to be considerate of their neighbors when it comes to landscaping – no one needs to have their lawn serviced seven days a week. Motorcycles should have to keep their music low and not rev their engines as they drive by. 

Bay Shore Drive should be a quiet zone to preserve the scenic drive north and the charm that makes Door County a wonderful place to live and visit.

Mary Duffy
Sevastopol, Wisconsin