Letter to the Editor: Northern Manure

Door County might as well be advertising in Kewaunee County. My county has manure-spreading restrictions starting Jan. 1 through April 15. Does Door? What this means is the semi tanker trucks are heading north! Your county board is the problem. Make them enact the same restrictions as Kewaunee, or dig a deeper well! 

The citizens living in Northern Door have much at stake with what is happening in Southern Door. How many of you want the county to end up like Kewaunee County: ground zero for manure spreading? Do you want the headlines associated with polluted water, streams and rivers?

Protect your land and water with enforceable ordinances on manure spreading. You do not have to reinvent the wheel! Door County has the land that Kewaunee farmers need. Do you really want our liquid manure sludge? Do nothing, and the trucks are coming. Your move.

Dick Swanson

Algoma, Wisconsin