Letter to the Editor: Not a Fan of the Housing Study

The the long awaited housing study was unveiled—Where was the report hidden before being ‘unveiled’? Maybe cleverly hidden behind East Town Mall, Green Bay?

The Door County Economic Development Corporation released the study. The Executive Director said, “The result have been startling.” Really? Wow.

This is reminiscent of the movie Casablanca, when the Nazis tell the police chief to find a reason and shut down Ricks Cafe. This was after the resistance over sang the Germans with the French National Anthem. The police chief tells Rick, “I am shocked, shocked to find gambling going on.”

Maybe the DCEDC director could have said, “I am shocked, shocked, to find out that there is a shortage of seasonal housing.” What a waste of time, another study.

The next step will be up to the municipality to use the study for its own needs, according to the Sturgeon Bay Community Development Director. I am sure it is on every agenda in every town, and will be for years. I have an idea, the towns should get a committee and study it. Sing Kum Ba Yah. The reality is they couldn’t care less if your employee lives under a rock.

Recently a entrepreneur floated a idea of bringing back manufactured homes from the Dakota oil fields and relocating them behind the sewer plant in Egg Harbor. Didn’t happen—the Village is waiting, and is probably hoping to annex that property to Brooks Farm, or maybe Horseshoe Bay Farms.

This report, or whatever it is, is a joke with lip service. This should be presented at the comedy club at the Landmark Resort.

The reality regarding seasonal housing that has been here and is increasing in the 33 years I have lived here. Business owners, already realize that any solution is for them to solve—Not from any committees, focus groups, etc.

Al Lohman

Egg Harbor, Wis.