Letter to the Editor: Not Supporting Sevastopol Referendum

I also received the mail from the Sevastopol school district and after reading Dan Valosek’s response regarding “We need more funding less local taxation” I cannot agree more that a “no” vote is a must regarding the upcoming proposed funding for $25,100,000.

The new superintendent, like his predecessor, is again asking for more money.

Several months ago an opinion survey was sent to everyone’s home ( I assume) in Sevastopol township, asking if they would be in favor of doing a referendum for either building or refurbish at a cost of either $47,000,000 or $57,000,000.

Of course it was written in such a way to open the doors for future money to be raised. Like immediately.

So, without fanfare, and pulling the ole switcheroo, they put on this fall’s ballot a referendum asking to raise the operating referendum from $1,500,000 to $2,000,000 and the $25,100,000 referendum for a building.

Non-residents have no say in referendums and are not allowed to vote in local elections. Their tax dollars are used, just as mine are, for local schools.

However, as stated by Dan Valosek, the tax dollars are not used in determining where the school district stands in line vs. all the other school districts in the state regarding the mil rate.

The $16,577 spent on each student is substantially above even the most affluent areas in this or other states.

In addition to what you pay now towards the schools, are you ready to pay an additional $360 ( based on a $300,000 house) for the next 20 years?

Enough said, read Dan Valosek’s letter in the October 5th Pulse.


Jim Dworak

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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