Letter to the Editor: Not the Republican Party I Grew Up With

My wife and I were headed back to Door County recently, and on I-43, I noticed some signage promoting the present occupant of the White House with the tagline, “Keep America Great.” I chalked it up to his unmitigated narcissism. 

When we got home, I picked up my copy of the Pulse and turned to the letters. A couple of them confirmed their faith in 45 and the limitations of our democracy. That got me thinking that I must be living in a different America. For your consideration: 

The economy is in shambles; the much-ballyhooed economic recovery is slowing down; unemployment is stuck in the double digits; tens of millions are out of work; and more layoffs are coming. 

More than 155,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and a crisis that was mismanaged; it was unsafe to hold a Republican National Convention, but it’s OK to send kids back to school in a few weeks – a few days after he tells us things are going to get worse with the virus.

The love affair with the leader of North Korea has faltered; the Mexicans have not paid for The Wall; The Wall has not been built; President Xi of China had a dinner at Mar-a-Lago that didn’t turn out so well for anyone except Ivanka. 

The brilliant suggestions that we inject bleach and postpone the November elections were roundly and universally rejected. The founder of the Federalist Society – who brought us Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, as well as 200 other federal judges – said that the suggestion to postpone the election had fascist overtones and is an impeachable offense. 

His team gassed peaceful protestors availing themselves of their First Amendment rights, and he launches smear campaigns against anyone who speaks against him, including scientists, former military leaders, the intelligence community and even his own appointees who are no longer in government.

Here’s the really sad part: I believe Sen. Ron Johnson and Reps. Mike Gallagher and Glenn Grothman have enabled and abetted this outrageous behavior. 

Sam Carmen

Milwaukee, Wisconsin