Letter to the Editor: Open Letter to the Gibraltar Town Board and Comments about Recent Pulse Articles

Please reconsider the financing method for the recent additions (sidewalks and lights) to Highway 42 by taxing the few. Our sister communities of Ephraim and Sister Bay have recognized that everyone benefits from these improvements and have spread the cost over all taxpayers.

There are statutes in place (WI 66-701) outlining steps to notify affected parties, none of which seem to have been followed. Just because Mequon ignored the statute and got away with it doesn’t mean we should do likewise. 

The costs were severely underestimated for the project, and no discussion seemed to have taken place to gauge who actually wanted these improvements to see whether there was any support for this expenditure.

Churches are normally exempt from property taxes as public charities.

And finally, by now you probably realize the driveway pictured and mentioned in the recent Peninsula Pulse article is not owned by Half Mile Bridge (HMB) condominium association, and therefore, HMB has no ownership on Highway 42 and should be excluded from this tax. 

Thank you for your reconsideration. 

David Ulmen

Half Mile Bridge Condo Owner

New Berlin, Wisconsin