Letter to the Editor: Opening the Gates to Future Interference

A Tribune article of Oct. 3 reports that Sen. Ron Johnson believes that President Trump did nothing wrong in seeking information from the Chinese government concerning the business affairs of Joe Biden’s son.

This effort by Trump is coincidental with that of his Ukrainian affair.

Not to be excused, but Trump acts because he simply doesn’t know right from wrong on any matter, but Johnson’s statement places him with the same group of Republicans who know that Trump is unfit for office but support him for political reasons. Johnson’s statement disqualifies him from serving as our senator. 

The founders of American democracy, being very concerned about interference in our new country by England and France, made it very clear by their statements that interference by foreign powers was unacceptable. 

There is no evidence that the Bidens did anything illegal, and so Trump’s making them the subject of an investigation can only be regarded as a smear against a possible opponent in the 2020 elections. Trump’s actions, if overlooked and accepted, will open the gates to future foreign interference in our internal affairs. 

I have up to this point believed that our government with three branches had a system of checks and balances that would curtail foolish moves by any one branch. The recent impetuous ordering of the withdrawal of our troops from Syria by Trump and the resulting mayhem being perpetrated on the Kurds is to me a weakness in our system.

What if Trump should order a nuclear attack on some country?

George Krall

La Crosse, Wisconsin