Letter to the Editor: Opportunity Now to Address Tough Issues in Sister Bay

The recent article about the Sister Bay board meeting and comments made by the village president, Rob Zoschke [July 16-23, “Zoschke Asks Sister Bay to Think Big”], should be something that every person who visits and/or owns in and around Sister Bay has an interest in.

Door County has gone to great lengths over the years to protect and maintain the charm and vitality that makes the county what it is. Sister Bay, over the past 14 years, has led the way in development and growth for the tourists who help keep businesses and our local economy going.

Whether you like it or not, Door County needs tourists to survive, but we are at a tipping point, in my opinion. Change is never easy, but with change comes opportunity, and that opportunity is now, not tomorrow. Downtown Sister Bay has become a daily traffic jam. Parking needs to be addressed. Housing for year-round and seasonal employees has been an issue for years. We depend on these people, and we have no affordable housing for them. 

Mr. Zoschke is on point with his suggestion that “we have a chance to think generationally.” Let’s not criticize Mr. Zoschke, but rather, let’s rally behind him and others who come to the table with ideas that will continue to make Sister Bay the place that everyone wants to visit and makes this community an example of what other Wisconsin destinations should emulate.

Mark Collings

Sister Bay, Wisconsin