Letter to the Editor: Opposed to Extending Safer at Home Order

I do not agree with Gov. Evers’ decision to extend the Safer at Home order to May 26, especially in Door County. The figures don’t warrant the extension.

There is a Wisconsin population of approximately 5.85 million, with 2.875 individuals with coronavirus, which is .07 percent of the population; and 198 individuals have died, which is .003 percent. These percentages are extremely low to warrant continuation of Safer at Home. 

The population of Door County is 27,554, with nine current cases, equivalent to .03 percent of the population; and one death, which is .004 percent. Once again, these extremely low percentages do not warrant extending the Safer at Home order in our county. I do understand that the previous quarantining has helped keep these percentages low, but it is time to open up our state, county and country. 

Thank goodness I’m a very optimistic person in my late 70s, even with high blood pressure and not having a spleen. I know there’s light at the

end of the tunnel, but after the governor’s speech, I didn’t have that feeling. I appreciated his somewhat positive statements concerning how the good citizens of Wisconsin are doing such a wonderful job of staying at home, only to knock us down by imposing another month of quarantining – not good! 

I felt penalized, to say the least. I have always done what has been asked of me, but by quarantining me, I can’t even go see my doctor, dentist or eye doctor or go to church, let alone losing 30 percent of my investments! 

Please start opening up our county and our state little by little and, if numbers creep up, then fall back. The good people of Wisconsin deserve better treatment.

Denise Haen

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin