Letter to the Editor: Opposed to Gibraltar’s Transportation ‘Fee’

As president and vice president of the Little Sweden Condominium Association and the representatives for 40-plus whole-ownership Gibraltar property homeowners, as well as numerous other owners, we are writing this letter to protest the imposition of the new road utility fee on all Gibraltar permanent and seasonal residents and businesses.

This utility was formed, and this fee was imposed, with very little notice or feedback from those affected. While there were public meetings held for questions and answers, there was no real notice to the many people in Gibraltar who had no idea that this tax was being planned and then implemented.

The fact that this fee is already being implemented this year without allowing Gibraltar people affected to budget for it is just another slap in the face to Gibraltar residents, seasonal owners and business owners. The town is required by law to budget, but the town board doesn’t give Gibraltar residents and businesses this opportunity?

There is also the serious question as to the legality of this “fee,” which is and will probably be found illegal if it is, in fact, a “tax.” If only six other towns in Wisconsin have imposed this “tax,” why did Gibraltar have to be one of them?

In summary, there are other ways to pay for Gibraltar roads, just like all the other towns in Wisconsin do. There are ways that are fair and equitable to all Gibraltar residents, rather than creating a new, very subjective classification system that is created and defined by only a few people. This is a taxing system that has already been found to be illegal in the Town of Buchanan in Wisconsin and will likely be found to be illegal in Gibraltar.

Clemens V. Hedeen Jr., President

Kay Lee Hedeen, Vice President

Little Sweden Condominium Association

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin