Letter to the Editor: Opposed to Increasing Regulation on Short-Term Rentals

As I write this, the Town of Sevastopol’s Plan Commission will continue a discussion about short-term rental (STR) properties Jan. 21. Any restrictions that are solely for STR and not for other lodging facilities are wrong!

We pay the same taxes and provide clean, safe environments. Why would anyone want to jeopardize even one extra day that a guest can stay in our beautiful, pristine Door County?

As STR hosts, it’s up to us to set the standard. We are owners and have the most at stake. We need everyone to know that we will do whatever it takes to ensure that our guests have the best experience that they can on our end. If there are problems, let us know, because we will be proactive. If you have questions, ask any of us or all.

This all works because we are operator-owners. We don’t need ordinances to tell us how to run our business, and we certainly don’t need to be unfairly singled out for over-the-top regulations. Wake up! You’re hurting the very people who pay your salary.

Once again, we see the few trying to impose their will on the many. I would like to know how many STR owner-operators were involved in these over-the-top proposed regulations.

Please, let’s all get together on this. Let’s discuss, debate and come up with something that works for all and punishes none. Please consider the many small businesses that, in this historic time, are barely holding on and that would lose more revenue, even if we take away only one extra day.

Jonathan A. Salit

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin