Letter to the Editor: Our Caring Community

As a year-round resident of Door County for 14-plus years, I am continually reminded of its amazing spirit of caring. When a child is stricken with cancer, the whole community rallies around. When a business burns down, people are there to help rebuild. We are strong survivors of polar vortex winters and April Fool’s Day blizzards. We can take it.

This is why I know that – even though we are weary and depressed and lonely – we can work together during these pandemic times to squelch the coronavirus. We can wear masks and safely distance – not for ourselves, but for people we’ve never met. We can do it to lessen the risk for health care workers, for the immunosuppressed, for teachers and students. As a community, we can support and applaud the many businesses that are open while endorsing safe COVID-19 practices. We can thank visitors who behave respectfully. 

It will “take a village” – many villages – to finally defeat this virus. We are strong, and together we can help lead the way – in Door County, in Wisconsin and, eventually, in our country.

Gloria Dougherty

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin