Letter to the Editor: Our Independence, Then Our Constitution

This weekend we celebrate our independence as a country, and soon after, on Sept. 27, 1787, our Constitution was signed. 

When it comes to how our government is supposed to work on the executive, legislative and judicial levels, this document is the bedrock of our democracy today. It seems we have to be super vigilant to make sure some of our elected officials follow the rule of law and our Constitution.

We now know that Wisconsin’s Republican senator, Ron Johnson, was willing to actively support the “political coup” that President Donald Trump was trying to pull off. We have seen the email sent by Johnson’s top aide saying Sen. Johnson would be willing to take lists of fake electors from Wisconsin and Michigan and give them to Vice President Pence to substitute for the real and legitimate electors. Sen. Johnson was willing to undermine our 2020 presidential election based on wacky and unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud promoted by Donald Trump.

If Ron Johnson cannot uphold the law and follow our Constitutional election process, he should not be in public office. That he even thought about such a scheme makes him unfit to represent Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate. We need to trust that our elected representatives will make decisions based on fact and in accordance with the Constitution.

Obviously, Ron Johnson chose not to do that. We Wisconsinites deserve better than this. Let’s make this Ron Johnson’s last term in office. Let’s vote him out this November.

Glenna Peters

Sister Bay, Wisconsin