Letter to the Editor: Our Insanity

Yet another shooting spree. This one is personal. Lewiston, Maine is my hometown.  

I called my brother Wednesday evening to check in. He lives a mile from the bowling alley. He said all the outside lights are on and he is sitting in his living room with his rifle by his side. He questions what a 30-30 can do against a rapid fire assault weapon that leaves its victims unidentifiable – but you can’t do nothing.

To walk into a peaceful gathering of citizens and randomly open fire is insanity.

To vote against a measure that would have removed weapons from this man when he entered a mental health facility in July – is insanity.

To stand before the nation and state that now is not the time to talk about it – is insanity.  

To suggest that the only solution is to arm every citizen with a loaded weapon so they can defend themselves against random violence – is insanity.

I hold in my heart and my tears all those who are suffering loss this week, this month, this year, this decade, this century. And I pray to God that we will find the wisdom to overcome our insanity.

In peace.

Rev. Mark Richards

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin