Letter to the Editor: Our Late Friend, Francha Barnard

Francha Barnard, for her part, knew where she was going. And if you chose to stand in her way, though she may have been just a fraction of your height and weight, she might tell you where to go as well. And no, I won’t go for the obvious rhyme by suggesting “to hell,” but she might’ve thought it, if she’d never have said it.

A keen competitor and consummate cooperator, she got things done. On a typical morning, let’s say by 10 o’clock, she’d accomplished more than I (for instance) might in an average week. And she’d keep it up ’til 10 at night. And all with no hope of compensation, and too often, without thanks.

We come to depend on a person like that. To take her for granted. Now that she sleeps, we’ll soon be awakened, I think, to just how much she did do for us.

And I mean for all of us; yes, even those who chose to stand in her way.

Francha Barnard, for her part, has earned her rest.

Ralph Murre

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin