Letter to the Editor: Our Voting District Maps Are Still Unfair

On Nov. 3, 2020, the voters of Door County, by a 73 percent to 27 percent margin, approved the advisory referendum supporting nonpartisan redistricting in Wisconsin. Door County now joins 27 other counties across the state that have approved referendums on this subject.

The Door County Board of Supervisors is also one of 55 county boards (out of 72) that have passed resolutions favoring Fair Maps. A big thank-you to the citizens who value a fair democracy and voted in the fall 2020 election.

A 2019 Marquette University poll established that 72 percent of Wisconsinites favor Fair Maps, so the sentiment in Door County is even stronger than it is statewide.

But despite this overwhelming citizen support for Fair Maps, voting district maps across Wisconsin are still unfair. Only the state legislature can change the way we draw and approve new voting district maps in Wisconsin. Our referendum was only advisory. We need to share that advice repeatedly, powerfully and clearly with our elected representatives. Please contact Rep. Joel Kitchens ([email protected]) and Senator AndrĂ© Jacque ([email protected]) to tell them that democracy matters, that fairness matters and that you expect them, as your representatives, to actively pursue creating a nonpartisan redistricting procedure in Wisconsin.

Only when partisan politics are removed from redistricting will all votes have the same value. You have the power of 73 percent of the voters of Door County on your side.

Mike Brodd

Door County Fair Maps Task Force

Sister Bay, Wisconsin