Letter to the Editor: Outraged by School Closure

As parents of two high school students in the Gibraltar district, we are outraged that the threshold plan was triggered this week to keep school closed for another week. Classes for our two girls during the first week were minimal at best, and with two study halls scheduled, entire half-days were devoid of any teaching at all.

Taxpayers without children should be furious that their tax dollars are going to such lackluster instruction. Parents are frustrated that their children are at home, sitting around for large chunks of the day, while there is no scientific reason for them to be isolated while the rest of the county‚Äôs students attend school. 

We implore the school board to do whatever it takes to get our children back to school permanently and without restrictions so they can enjoy the essential education that they need to be healthy and engaged members of our community.

Marc and Amy Savard

Sister Bay, Wisconsin