Letter to the Editor: Over My Dead Body

Some will wear a mask but don’t want to be told they have to. Whereupon they drive home from somewhere observing the speed limit (for the same reasons), or else the arresting officer will tell them that they have to. Others cannot believe that the government might have the power to tell them what to wear (a mask), but they should try walking through Sister Bay naked and test that theory. Still others have devout belief systems: they believe in their own immune systems. I hope those people do not expectorate on my belief system, which is to not breathe on others as you would have them not breathe on you. 

Because our Glorious Leader has decreed that it is up to local governments to mitigate the virus, let us not be treasonous by passing the buck to happenstance. Mandatory masks will save lives – maybe yours, maybe mine. “Give me liberty, or give me death” may end up being both.

Jim Maronek

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin