Letter to the Editor: Personalities and Policies

In any election, many people vote for the person they like or the person who is opposing the candidate they don’t like. Personality and trust are the most important reasons why someone likes another person. This may be quite important if you think someone might become your friend, but in most cases, that’s not likely. 

What you will have to live with are the policies professed by that person and advocated by that person’s party if the person you vote for gets elected. If you trust this person, you can be even more sure that these policies will be promoted and possibly enacted. 

Because the two candidates for president and their parties have such widely different policies on many issues, it is most important to know what these policies are. If the person you like and his party also have the policies you like, it becomes easy for you to vote with knowledge and conviction. 

But some of you may be like me. I have never liked this person. I don’t like his personality, but many of his policies and those of his party are much better for me to live with and for everyone in our country to live safely and prosper.

Jerry Zaug

Sister Bay, Wisconsin