Letter to the Editor: Playing Fair is a Basic Principle

Playing fair is a basic principle of our free and independent American nation. I believe that all of us, whatever our politics or religion, know that playing fair is the right thing to do.  

It is not honorable or acceptable to put your thumb on the scale, or to stack the card deck, or to lie your way into a business, elected office, or a deal or a date. When you shake hands, you are confirming your honesty. When you sign a document, when you swear allegiance, you are presumed to be telling the truth, and there are consequences for lying. In personal life, a person who is known to tell lies has a hard time overcoming that handicap.  

In anyone’s moral or ethical code, it cannot be OK that 10 prominent Republican Party members fraudulently and secretly signed their names as “electors” from the State of Wisconsin.  

When their wrongdoing was brought to court, each one signed an acknowledgement that President Joe Biden won Wisconsin in 2020, admitted that their efforts were part of a coordinated campaign to overturn the 2020 election, and they withdrew the fraudulent documents they created to steal the election for Donald Trump.

Shockingly, one of the fake electors – Robert Spindell – remains a member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission. The appointed members of the Elections Commission are responsible statewide for compliance with federal and state election laws, accuracy, and maintaining the voter registration database.

Why hasn’t he been removed from the Elections Commission? He should not be trusted with oversight of elections in our democracy.  

Door County citizens, please join me in demanding that Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu rescind Mr. Spindell’s appointment to the Wisconsin Elections Commission. 

Please also contact our Door County elected representatives Joel Kitchens and Andre Jacque, asking them to add their voices to ours.  

Karen Wilson

Fish Creek, Wisconsin