Letter to the Editor: Please Don’t Dump on Us!

Current plans are to create a garbage pile on the West Side of Sturgeon Bay. It stinks, it’s ugly and it’s worthless. Please, help preserve our lovely West Side! Over the gentle odors of fish and seaweed, pleasant odors associated with all waterfront communities, now drift the aromatic blends of rotting grain, animal urine, and contaminated wood. Yes, it’s the Granary! Now despite the wishes of the majority of people of Sturgeon Bay, Big Ugly is destined to make the journey once again across the Oregon Street Bridge to be placed at or near, it’s former home. I personally don’t know of a single person that wants that pile of garbage back on this side or any side of the Bay, though I’m sure there’s a few.

I would like to see it broken up and put on the garbage transfer trucks headed for a land fill. Other practical uses for the building would be as a practice structure for the Fire Department. Without containment. Perhaps explosive demolition units could be practiced on it. Or, possibly, as a huge pile of rotting wood broken apart and stacked on a country parcel for the skunk, opossum and rabbits to live under. They’d be right at home with the smell of it.

The building is like Charlie The Tuna; nobody wants it. The property owner where it now sits wants it gone. The city of Sturgeon Bay doesn’t want it back. The people of the West Side don’t want to look at it or smell it again. Developers don’t want it and won’t build behind it if they have to view it and smell it. It is a worthless structure. It is doubtful it can ever be made fit for habitation and still retain Historical designation. The grand plan? Put a story under it, use that and leave the unaltered structure on top as a reminder to man’s selfishness and stupidity.

Please call your Councilmen, Mayor, Priest, the Lord, who ever and lobby for the preservation of our poor West Side. No big dumb granary!

Ken Mac Donald

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin