Letter to the Editor: Please Practice a ‘Kinder, Gentler’ Approach

Dear Door County friends,

We understand the fear that full-time Door County residents are feeling with the COVID-19 crisis. My family feels the same fear here in Illinois. However, we do take issue with the way it is being conveyed.

We have vacationed as a family in Door County for 30 years – paying to stay at resorts and shopping at grocery stores, pharmacies and hardware stores. We ate out many times during each stay. 

We have enjoyed the Door County libraries and donated money to help support them. We joined the Land Trust and numerous historical societies and often have sent extra money for special projects such as “Save Pebble Beach” and the Peninsula State Park tower fund. We donate to the Ephraim Fire Department every year. 

When our children were younger, we all volunteered each year to help make Fyr Bal a success. Our oldest was married at the historic Moravian church. We had all Door County businesses take care of the flowers, music, reception, food, cake and more.

The very best result of our twice-yearly visits for 30 years has been the friends that we’ve made. Some of these friends are like extended family to us. We would never do anything to put these dear friends in danger.

We finally purchased a second home in Door County a few years ago – a dream come true!

Again, we do understand the fears of full-time residents. We also know about the limited medical facilities there. (We have used them a number of times, including an emergency surgery for a family member.)

We simply feel that the tone used by many could have been a “kinder, gentler” approach. Possibly a simple, “Please self-quarantine in your own home for 14 days before coming to your second home. We have very limited medical facilities here in Door County.” This would have sent the same message.

Let’s all fight this together so that, hopefully soon, we can all be together again on the peninsula that we all love.

Barbara Jo

Lockport, Illinois