Letter to the Editor: Pledge to Serve and Protect Not Upheld

I’m an independent thinking, 100 percent disabled veteran. I’m not boasting or seeking your pity. It is my opinion that the Republican senators who voted no on Feb. 13 were devoid of conscience or character. 

What Mitch McConnell said afterward was too little, too late. It was as empty as what Robert S. McNamara said on the talk show circuit, weeping on my TV, apologizing for lying about what was really happening in Vietnam, prolonging the war. It didn’t bring back my brothers and sisters who died then to their friends and loved ones, and it won’t bring back those who died Jan. 6. 

The jackbooted thugs he incited attacked the very fabric of our democracy. Human beings died, and the senators who took an oath, under God and to the American people – a pledge to serve and protect – lied.

Pete Thelen

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin