Letter to the Editor: Political Aspirations Put before Democracy

I’m embarrassed to admit I’m a lifetime Republican. The first time I was eligible to vote, I voted for Barry Goldwater, which tells you my political leanings. 

Shame on the charade the Republicans are putting on, putting their political aspirations above democracy. Hello?! The election is over, and T**** lost. That’s nothing new. In 2016, he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. The only difference in 2020 is that he lost by a lot more – about 8 million votes. Hello?! 

There have been multiple recounts, and no irregularities have been found. The election is over, and T**** lost. Hello?! The issue of T****’s imagined voting irregularities has been litigated more than 60 times by courts all across the country, including twice by T****’s packed Supreme Court, and no irregularities have or can be proved. 

The election is over, and T**** lost. I repeat, T**** lost. Get it? He lost.

John Fletcher

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin