Letter to the Editor: Praise for ‘Ridge and Swale’

I am writing to commend the producers of the documentary film Ridge and Swale [Peninsula Filmworks, owned by the owners of the Peninsula Pulse] for their exceptional work in telling the long and rich story of conservation in Door County. The film, which fittingly premiered on Earth Day, does an outstanding job of highlighting the importance of preserving the legacy of Door County lands and waters for future generations.

As a resident of Door County, I understand firsthand the fragility of our natural resources and the importance of preserving them. The land in this special place is both finite and fragile, and it is crucial that we take steps to ensure its long-term sustainability. The documentary does an excellent job of conveying this message and reminding viewers of their responsibility to treasure and care for the land.

The film’s producers have done an incredible job of capturing the beauty and uniqueness of Door County and the efforts being made to preserve it. From the stories of local conservationists to the stunning footage of natural landscapes, Ridge and Swale is an inspiring and informative piece of work that truly captures the essence of Door County.

I encourage everyone to watch this film and learn more about the important work being done in Door County to protect our land and water. It is a beautiful and inspiring tribute to the unique and precious natural heritage of this region, and it deserves to be celebrated and shared widely. 

Donna Hake, Board President, Door County Land Trust
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin