Letter to the Editor: Preserve the Ellison Bay Ball Field

I wanted to reach out and share some thoughts about Fitzgerald Park in Ellison Bay – specifically the ball-field.

I have heard that there has been some discussion about converting the ball-field to a dog park. While I’m a dog-owner and dog-lover and applaud the idea of a dog park in Northern Door I’m also a parent of a seven year-old baseball fanatic that has spent hours enjoying this tremendous existing facility. The last three times we went to the field there were already kids there – it is being enjoyed. The notion of eliminating such a spectacular outlet for children to learn and play America’s Pastime doesn’t seem like the best long-term decision. 

We must assume over the years great effort and expense has already gone into creating what my son and his friends call the Ellison Bay Field of Dreams. It’s there, it’s terrific, and it will be used and enjoyed for generations to come. Why take it down or convert it? The cost is already sunk – worth every penny. The field, the bases, the fencing, the signage, the bleachers, and the concession booth are in place, are in fine shape, and require little maintenance. Please let’s not reverse course – if we do it could be gone forever. 

A much better plan might be to find a new location for a dog park. While a dog park is a worthy idea, the construction of such a space separate from the ball-field should be low – likely similar to the cost of a conversion. In the end, two community parks are better than one – preserve the Dream. 

Steve Wilde 

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin