Letter to the Editor: Protect Frontline Workers by Getting Vaccinations

Hang on, health care and other essential workers. I can only imagine what you are feeling. Perhaps it may feel like being on a roller coaster going up, up, up, knowing at any minute you will be plunging straight down. Nothing you can do to stop or slow it down.

On June 1, this writer retired from the healthcare field after 40 years of practice. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw and felt during my last year of practice during this pandemic. Pain, suffering and hardship were a part of everyday practice. My main concern now is, what are we doing about helping the frontline workers? 

If this year is anything like last year, we need to think about and protect our most valuable resources, such as doctors, nurses, social workers and other frontline workers. When these workers struggle with mental-health issues such as depression and helplessness, where does this leave their clients and patients?

This is not about politics. It is about life and death. Please get your vaccinations!

Katie Graf

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin