Letter to the Editor: Public Transportation Needed

I just had to comment on how delighted I was to hear that the Baileys Harbor Community Association is studying the possibility of creating a public-transportation system. 

As a 25-year seasonal resident, there are several reasons this has become necessary, in my opinion. Our current choices to drive the peninsula are to slowly meander through the bayside towns or drive Highway 57 – with its windy roads – at higher speeds. I personally prefer to drive cautiously down Highway 57, and there is often a big pickup truck passing me in a no-passing zone! 

Another need for public transportation is to accommodate the emerging outdoor beer and wine gardens. We all want safe driving conditions for our Door County roads.

I’m sure there are many who are looking forward to the possibility of bus and van trials during the summer of 2023 and would be happy to pay a fair fee for this service. Please consider! 

Kathy Zdroik

Carlsville, Wisconsin