Letter to the Editor: Questions for All the Door County Illinois Transplants

You probably left Illinois because of high taxes, a corrupt State Administration and certainly a corrupt Chicago Administration to come and live in Door County. Your dollar goes a lot farther here than where you were living, the scenery is beautiful, the art scene is inspiring.

You evidently love it here, so why did you bring your Illinois Politics with you when you moved? You left there because of all the negatives, so why would you vote to make the place you love into the place you have left?

Quit trying to make our lovely Door County and Wisconsin into a Northern Illinois suburb and enjoy your way of life as it is, a fun, pretty place that so far has not succumbed to the corruption (except for Milwaukee and Madison) of where you escaped from.

Whether you admit it or not you moved away from the policies of the Democrat Party that has ruled Illinois for so many years. So why do you think that we should embrace the policies that brought that State to its present situation?

I also moved here from another city but left it there and did not try to make Door County into what I left. I wish you could do the same.

Enjoy what we have here and do not remake it into another Illinois.

William Berglund

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.