Letter to the Editor: ‘Quite the Opposition’

“Quite the opposition” is the evaluation that Peter Hurth of Baudhuin Engineering made as the Door County RPC unanimously denied the CUP that the Margaret Dreutzer Trust applied for.

In no particular order, and in hopes of recognizing everyone who worked to protect the quarry, thank you to:

• The 250-plus people who sent letters in opposition.

• The 3,800-plus who signed our petition to support protecting the quarry.

• The 600-plus Facebook friends who stayed informed and showed support.

• The hundreds of concerned individuals who attended very long meetings at the town and county levels.

• The committee members who attended meetings and spent many hours reading and researching to evaluate substantial facts in this complex CUP.

• The Land Use Department, which helped to navigate a new Act 67 that required substantial facts.

• The 300-plus landowners who placed signs alerting the public.

• The more than 50 individuals who sent personalized mailings to prospects who would help to fund this expensive opposition.

• The donors who generated $130,000 in response.

• The many conservation and neighborhood groups that offered support.

• The experts and laypeople who researched and spoke on behalf of the opposition.

• The DNR, which took time to hear our concerns and reevaluate original responses on the CUP filing.

• The graphics designer who accurately reflected the contrast between the current beauty of the quarry and the proposed high-density project.

• The area homeowners who filled out the survey detailing their thoughts and concerns.

• Finally, the committee acting behind the scenes that continues to attempt a dialogue with the Dreutzer family in addition to meeting with interested parties who seek to make this area a public space with learning opportunities.

If there is an appeal by the Dreutzer Trust ahead of us through the Board of Adjustment and then the circuit court, we will be there to ensure that this land is developed both in accordance to zoning and in a way that protects the environment and public safety. Updates are posted at Thank you to all.

Brenda Lange

Bay Shore Property Owners Association

Quarry Neighborhood Action Group