Letter to the Editor: Raise Taxes Equally and Fairly

STR (short-term-rental) owners work hard and long to provide a better vacation for their customers. Do we get thanked for providing the tax and goods/services dollars to Baileys Harbor? What does the government do to help us? They insult us and ignore the fact that we are already following their proposed rules. You treat us like children and don’t apply these rules to motels and resorts because they are larger? Do you know what legal grandfathering is?

I believe you won’t grandfather us because getting more of our money, unfairly, is your real goal. I don’t think regulation is needed for present or future STRs, so why not show your professionalism by passing the law without charging a fee? Why not just fine those who violate the rules? Can you fix nonproblems without robbery? Your plans are not as destructive and insulting as the Sevastopol law, but that is faint praise.

Thank you for serving as our local government, but please remember that “improving” is not a license for the financial assault of targeted businesses. The people who feed the golden geese can go elsewhere during the darker times ahead. Vacations are a budget extra to most families and can be scaled down. We invested here, so we are now anchored victims. Raise taxes equally and fairly on all residents if you need more money. 

Ray Spangler

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin