Letter to the Editor: Raise Your Glass, and Give Three Cheers for Counard

Kara Counard is the Door County Board supervisor in District 4, and she’s running for a second term. I’m excited for her and all of you – her constituents and neighbors. She is a most excellent representative of your district and county.

I want to propose a hearty vote of confidence for Kara Counard. Our family has known Kara for the past 15 years. She has been a good neighbor, friend and creative collaborator. She is trustworthy and kind, creative, and always looking for ways to grow and learn.

Kara has a servant’s heart, never wanting to be the focus, but shifting to those who most need to have their voices heard. She has stayed true to constituents, especially the working poor and others who can’t sacrifice time to try to be involved in government and who always get the short end of the stick. She said she always considers who could be harmed when the board talks about adding fees or legislating services. She really cares most about making the people who don’t feel heard have a voice.

This is true not only for her constituents and neighbors, but in all aspects of her life. She has spent countless hours bridging the gap between the elderly and youth through her Honoring the Elders project. She advocates for others through her willingness to listen well and say hard truths. Even personally, she has taken the time and energy to painstakingly restore her family’s home in Brussels. The small cabin dates back four generations, and Kara has breathed new life into it for future generations.

As an incumbent, she has already proven she is “for the people” and will continue to have others’ best interests at heart. And so, let’s raise our glass and give three cheers, and when you head to the voting booth, vote for Kara Counard, Door County Board supervisor in District 4.

Jana Holland

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin