Letter to the Editor: Realty Check

As one watches the dog-and-pony show happening in the House of Representatives in regard to the election of a leader, the Republican party must step back and ask one question. Is there not one Republican in the House that has character, integrity and a concern for our country?  Currently, the two that have stepped forward don’t seem to have enough votes, probably due to the questionable baggage of both.

Where are all the good Republicans in the House who are not afraid to stand up in the midst of this debacle? Is there not one? What have they become that they remain silent rather than stand up to what is right and just for our country? There are many pressing issues to be voted on and yet they remain silent. Has the Republican party sunk so low that they have lost all common decency and a lack of love for what is right and good for our country?

All I can say is that the majority of “we the people” are watching and taking notes.

Carol Schmidt 

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin