Letter to the Editor: Regarding Door County Transportation

I am writing this letter in response to the County Board presentation given on Door 2 Door operations on March 26, 2019. I have lived and worked in Door County seasonally for the last five years which allowed me to save money to pursue a master’s in urban planning with a specialization in transportation. I very much understand the challenges of providing a service like Door 2 Door and am not here to demand that the County find $165K to keep operations going.

In the March meeting a comment made by one of the County officials presenting stood out to me. He stated “we [the County] got involved in transportation when we really didn’t need to.” First, how does the county define transportation? Second, if what he meant was “transit” then that statement is extremely disappointing. While there is truth to the fact that the County is not required by law to provide public transportation, that statement tells 1,800 Door 2 Door riders that the County prioritizes those who are able to afford and drive their own vehicle.

What I urge you to understand about a service like Door 2 Door and other transportation options like sidewalks and bike lanes is that they should not exist independently. They should work collectively as part of a comprehensive transportation program that creates a network that supports the needs and, more importantly, the values of your community.

What I hope you take away from this letter is the need to start defining and prioritizing what transportation means to Door County. You make progress when your community supports your priorities, so when it comes to transportation, define your priorities and make sure your community is at the top of them.  

Sophie Parr

Town of Gibraltar