Letter to the Editor: Remembering Our Priorities

As one watches the news these days, it’s amazing to see what passes for “hardship.” I guess we should feel sorry for the athletes who have to be quarantined for a month or more at Disney World in Florida. They haven’t seen their families, but they can socially distance when they play golf or go fishing. One has to wonder what exactly our priorities are as a nation.

How about, let us not forget our men and women in the military. Many of them don’t see their families for a year or more. No, they don’t live in bubbles; some of them are shot at or blown up; and there’s no golf or fishing for them. Let us also remember our medical personnel on the front lines in this pandemic – many of them have not seen their families for months. And let us think of the essential workers who are out there every day.

We as a nation have to remember exactly whom we should admire and appreciate: the “average Joe” who goes above and beyond the call, or someone who happens to be doing a job that has all the comforts? We need to know the difference. When Joe Biden says he’s fighting for the soul of this nation, believe it.

Carol Schmidt

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin