Letter to the Editor: Renewed Attention and Focus at Sevastopol


With recent changes in our district, we feel it is important to continue to communicate with you about the steps we’re taking to move forward. We are also asking for your help.

Change is generally not easy and, at times, not everyone agrees with changes that are made. We know that is the case in our district and we acknowledge the changes have caused concern among some of our stakeholders. Even if everyone doesn’t always agree, we believe all of us ultimately want the same thing: success for our students.

Now is the time to set things on the right path again and to begin working together, as our mission states: “To provide our students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens.”

As a board, we have renewed our attention and focus on improving the culture in our schools. We are doing that in a number of ways, including:

  • Addressing concerns that have been brought to our attention, by listening to understand, talking with helpful intentions, and doing this in a way that demonstrates mutual respect. Not all concerns will be met with change or with agreement, but we do want to make sure everyone is heard and receives feedback about their concerns.
  • Working to reestablish trust among the school board, the school’s chain of command, our teachers, staff and parents. We know developing trust does not happen quickly, but we are asking you to help us and give this a chance. Watch the progress closely and allow each stakeholder to do his or her part as we move forward.

We do believe we can move forward, working together, to make our District better than ever. We have a wonderful foundation for success with award-winning schools, teachers and staff and exceptional student achievement. Now we ask you to please join us in moving forward and keeping focused on our mission.


Sue Todey, president; Bill Behme, vice president; Lisa Bieri, clerk; Jane Luebker, treasurer; Cindy Zellners-Ehlers, assistant clerk; David Kacmarynski, member; and Jay Zahn, member

Sevastopol School Board

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